Don Fass - Executive Director

STREETCATS FOUNDATION is a unique 20-year old interfaith non-profit with a focus on youth and social justice work that now incorporates a major international radio broadcasting component.

Streetcats began as an organization doing pioneering work with street kids and runaways 7 nights a week, all night long for nearly 7 years, on city streets of San Francisco, New York City and Hollywood/West Hollywood.

It was also an early innovator on the internet, starting 12 national resource web sites for children, youth, parents and youth counselors as early as 1995 under its umbrella Youth and Children Net. Its web presence has grown to encompass over 35 separate web sites of its own, as well as an outreach on 29 social networking sites and having created its own 4 social nets.

By 1999, after being at Columbine High School during the week of the tragic killings there, STREETCATS focus changed somewhat.

Instead of working on the street with runaways, it trained  other organizations to do so. Streetcats then founded the National Childrens Coalition and One Heart for Kids as collaborative national and international outreach initiatives respectively, each partnering with other diverse organizations . It added individual national resource web sites as well for African-American, Latino and Asian-American youth, local Teen City teen web sites and local City Spirit interfaith community web sites for 10 U.S. cities each. Through all those sites, it has been counseling thousands of teens, parents and other youth workers by email and phone for many years.

In 1999, it also founded Teen-Anon, the first and only 12-step recovery groups specifically for teens working to end their addictions to alcohol and other drugs. There are Teen-Anon groups in several cities now, several being co-run within County Juvenile and Teen Court programs. from California to Tennessee.

In 2006, Streetcats founder and others returned to their radio broadcasting roots and founded international CELEBRATE RADIO on satellite radio and short wave radio around the world with a 1700-song Positively Music play list from 18 countries, hourly newscasts and 93 programs a week…..and later also birthed companion stations SHINE RADIO and SHALOM RADIO to increase their outreach and fostering education and as a way to uplift and inspire youth, young adults and people of all ages and all 3 Judeo-Christian faiths.

Its REACHING UP weekly 30-minute uplifting music and interview show is now heard on AM and FM stations from Albuquerque to Capetown, South Africa. Host-producer Don Fass’ guests have included Martin Smith of Delirious, Craig Taubman, Saddleback’s Kay Warren and Rick Muchow, Jars of Clay, the African Childrens Choir, Jaci Velasquez, Israeli rock stars Moshav, DC Talk and Newsboys Michael Tait, Not for Sale co-director Mark Wexler, Father Malcolm Boyd, Salvador, Anne Graham Lotz, Rick Recht, Compassion International CEO Wess Stafford, Mark Klaas, Friends and Family of Columbine, Museum of Tolerance director Leba Geft, Bryan Duncan and many others.

Our own international ONE HEART FOR KIDS radio psas enlisting support in the fight against AIDS, trafficking, teen addiction, poverty and child abuse play daily on dozens of radio stations in the U.S. and overseas… Our music video psas, like Stand Up for Children, Working for Shalom and American Kids have won several awards and been seen by over 100,000 people their first year all over the net and will soon be available to churches and synagogues around the country as will our new Spirit Up.

Our own BENEFIT CDs so far include the New Music New Hope, Faith Rocks and 4 Positively Music compilations from Celebrate Radio with a Shalom compilation about to be released, 40th Anniversary CDs for both the 40th. Anniversary of Apollo 11 and The Summer of Love San Francisco and a Yes We Can hope and social justice compilation honoring President Obama., Our first single, the Obama Inauguration Remix, is available on Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Emusic. In addition to great independent artists, joining on these CDs have been King Crimson’s Adrian Belew, Beth Schafer, the U.K’s Comeg,Ukraine’s Margo and Russia’s Aero, the Soweto Gospel Choir, Peter Paul and Mary’s Peter Yarrow, Sounds of Blackness, Margo B. Smith, Yeshiva Boys Choir, Dennis Agajanian, Fret Not, Tempest, Northern Ireland’s Raymond McCullough, African Childrens Choir, folk icon Tom Paxton, Mark Shelton, Shadrach and many others, each benefiting youth in the U.S. and worldwide, as do our Downloads for Good mp3s..

Streetcats and its components have been written about or broadcast about in The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Sing Tao Daily, Contra Costa Times, Alameda Star, Alameda Journal, Alameda Sun and on KFRC AM-FM, the nationally-syndicated Viewpoint radio show (350 stations), KNDL-FM and more.

Past funders include San Francisco Foundation, Charles Schwab Foundation, SF 49ers Foundation, Lowell Berry Foundation, Virgin Megastores, CRY Foundation, Esprit Foundation, Henry Chang Foundation and others.

Streetcats and Celebrate Radio are now working on funding so that our uplifting music, hope, inspiration and social justice program collaboration building can bring people together 7 nights a week on 6 U.S. and international satellites to a worldwide weekly audience of 23 million people in 119 countries.